July 19, 2024


Text and Photos Cor Steenstra

The Suzuki Kizashi represents a big turnaround for Suzuki. After having been forced to use the great big GM parts bin from both the US and Korea, resulting in mere re-badged version of GM and Deawoos, the Kizashi is a totally own development, and it shows. The Kizashi struck us with its clear perception of quality and fit and finish, a big more forward from the GM days.

Size wise we would compare the Kizashi to the VW Jetta, and in comparison to that Jetta it does not come off badly. In fact, the interior design, fit and finish all seem to be a level higher than the already good VW. The exterior design is round and flowing, with rounded off corners, which ultimately leads this car to appear smaller than it is, although it is clearly too optimistic of Suzuki to want to compare this car in size to the Honda Accord and Acura TX series. It is certainly below that.

The engine we drove was a four cylinder in line, but it did perform quite well. Only when revving really high did the sound become overbearing, but with normal use it is comfortable enough and performs well. Rid and handling were up to the VW Jetta level, which is darn good knowing where Suzuki came from.

All in all we were pleasantly surprised by the Kizashi, and hope that Suzuki will continue to bring out new vehicles on their own accord. Why opt for less?

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