May 19, 2024

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Text and photos by Sebastian Steenstra

We were given the chance to test the new Peugeot RCZ. Unfortunately the weather conditions did not work in our favour and we did not get the chance to drive the RCZ to it’s full potential.

The first thing you notice when you stand on the outside looking at the car is it’s distinctive rear window. The window is curved in both way’s and gives this RCZ a very unique look. The curves flow nicely in to the roof  which makes the whole assembly look very well groomed. As you go inside you might think that this curvature brings with it a lot of disturbance when you look through the rear windows, but this is not the case. It does not distort the view at all. What also makes this RCZ look out is it’s aluminium styles which, together with the roof and rear window, makes it a head turner.

This RCZ is also based on the 308, as a lot of the new models are and it was originally named the 308 RCZ. But the makers quickly desided to name the car RCZ, not to remind the go-fasters of it’s original roots.

When we started to drive this car, we immediately felt that this was not what we expected from Peugeot. What would you expect if i told you Peugeot came out with a sports car. We could not get to it’s full potential of course, but driving those first few miles you noticed that this car steers sharply and precisely. It handles as a sports car should handle. It’s comfortable but gives so much feedback from the road.

The car we tested was equipped with the 1.6 THP 200 HP engine and gives great power with a very good mile per gallon count. It has a very flat torque line which makes the car very drivable in almost every RPM. And still it gets you thinking, couldn’t it be equipped with just a bit more HP or some more torque. The car just handles perfectly and that makes you want the extra power.

The nice thing about driving the car was it’s sound. When you push it, it makes a beautiful sound inside. That’s right INSIDE. Outside you don’t hear that loud noise and what you hear is nog even the engine. You feel the engine but you hear a special actuator which is connected to the intake. When you push the engine it activates the actuator behind the dashboard and it creates the sound, which is of  course very nice if you want to enjoy the car but not wan’t to bother other people with it’s noise.

As we drive along, we start looking at the interior. Of course Peugeot has made some leaps forward in it’s interior but the stitching and aluminium handles make this RCZ feel very luxurious and well put together.

Of course one other thing we had to look at, when you look at sports cars, is the trunk. How much space does this Peugeot offer. This is not your typical sports car, it actually has a large trunk. It’s a sort of compromise with the backseats. Yes, it has backseats, but not large enough to but an adult in. But that of course is not the reason why you buy a car like this.

All and all, this car amazed us in a positive way. It’s well put together and gives a sporty and luxurious feel to it and at a starting price of 31.900 euros, it really is worth it.

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