Osorio Design’s Spectacular Corvette Mako Concept Will Debut At 2016 SEMA Booth 10116




After many years of burning the creative midnight oil, bringing concept vehicles to life for countless top name design studios, Steve Osorio is finally debuting his own concept under his own name, Osorio Design (Booth 10116) in the North Hall of this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Steve Osorio has dedicated this Corvette based Mako concept car to the memory and in honor of Steve’s brother Luis Osorio and his mother Ramona Osorio both of whom died of cancer.


Within a six-week period, Osorio Design went from first concept ideation to finished concept model of their Corvette Mako Concept. Based on the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Steve Osorio set out to improve on the already dynamic design of the production vehicle, enhancing it to design perfection with some subtle and some not so subtle alterations and additions to the original, combining the essence of the stingray with the power and grace of a Mako shark.

[vrview img=”https://www.cardesigntv.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Osorio360/SAM_100_0123.jpg” width=”800px” height=”450px” ]

As you can see in the various 360 degree videos on this page, the various stages of the project involved time consuming precision sculpting to get things ‘just right’. With the changes made, Steve Osorio not only hopes to honor his brother’s memory, but also create something which fine tunes the Corvette aesthetic design to optimal perfection, the signature of Osorio’s long design career.


Osorio has always been in the forefront of design and sculpting, never afraid to roll up his sleeves and take charge, he is known for his meticulous attention to every aspect of the design from start to finish

In 2015 Steve joined Faraday Future in California to run its day to day design and modeling operations and is currently holding the position of Director of Operations. A revolutionary company that brings the electric car with smart technology and autonomous capabilities Faraday Future is hailed as the car company of the future.

Prior to joining Faraday Future Osorio played a key role in the success of  Hyundai/Kia North American Design Center where he was Chief Modeler. Osorio worked on a variety of production and concept vehicles throughout his many years at Hyundai including the Genesis Coupe, Santa Fe, Tuscon, the Talus, Hellion, Nuvis, Curb,  Genesis, Santa Cruz, and the Vision G Coupe Concept among others.



Osorio automotive design career took off in 1993 when he left his family’s art sculpting studio in Los Angeles to go to Chrysler’s Pacifica advanced Design Studio in Southern California as automotive sculptor to work on many renowned Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, and Chrysler models including the Viper, Prowler, Fury, Atlantic, Thunderbolt, Razor, Spyder, 300M, and Compass to name a few.

[vrview img=”https://www.cardesigntv.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Osorio360/SAM_100_0122.jpg” width=”800px” height=”450px” ]

However, before stepping into the automotive design industry Steve Osorio was resident Sculptor working under his older brother and mentor Luis Osorio at Osorio Design & Sculpture in Southern California.  Working on a great variety of art for commercial display including, the movie Industry, mannequins & display, casino Industry, furniture & product design, prototypes, and mold making, Steve Osorio became an accomplished sculptor in his own right; learning all the tricks of the trade first-hand from some of the best designers of the time.


Steve, who admired his brother Luis from early childhood stated, “Luis was a fine art sculptor well known for his quality and speed of work. Nominated to display at the renowned New York Fine Art Exhibition in 2004, however, his death from cancer cut his life short at the young age of forty-five.”

Steve Osorio is definitely one to watch, keep an eye on this rising young star, his design and affinity for perfection will surely propel him to the top of the automotive design industry for many years to come.

For more information, please contact Osorio Design at: +1 (760)-807-5420  Or like them on Facebook

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