July 19, 2024

New Ford Mustang and Mustang Convertible


With the introduction of the Dodge Challenger and soon the Chevrolet Camaro, both made with the same Retro theme as Ford has been producing its Mustang over the past years, it is interesting to think how these obvious Retro designs can be optimized to extend their life times. Normal cars get a new face every 3 years and are mostly completely renewed every 6 years, but since these companies decided to go back in time, how do they envision refreshing this?

Well, Ford has tried taking on this difficult task, and presented the new Mustang. It comes with nice little detail changes that each in themselves would be indeed quite nice. The only problem is that all of these were made just as that, individual changes, and in the whole grand scheme of things none of them really harmonize with each other. As said, it is difficult, but maybe when you go back in time to a certain generation of vehicle, look at its successor at that time to get a hint of where you may want to go.., or better yet… GET ORIGINAL and DROP THE STUPID RETRO! Designers have creativity. They can do better than this!

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