May 19, 2024

The 2019 Ital Design DaVinci concept came and went unnoticed as many of the recent Ital Design designs have done over the past few years. Fabrizio is no Giorgetto, clearly, but he’s too self centered to put a worthy man at the helm. Independent of that, an old practice that many Italian Design studios were guilty of back in their highlight days was to sell the same design multiple times, sometimes with small variations but other times too close for comfort.

As David Malcolm Beasly pointed out in a significant post on his Facebook page, the attention grabbing new design for the DeLorean Alpha 5 is, in fact, also a rehash of an old Ital Design concept car, this DaVinci. Up to even the V they tout as unique for the DeLorean was in fact the V in DaVinci before. Admittedly, Ital Design did follow it’s own history in doing this, as they’ve done with the VW Scirocco to the Lancia Delta, the Fiat Punto to Nissan and others, and many more of these actions.

The sad thing though is for such a famous brand name like DeLorean to be so dismissed by the key company responsible for it originally. As a design consultancy you would only do this if you thought there was not much hope of this going beyond any serious stage, or were getting very minimal payment. Maybe Ital Design did not fully realize how much interest the brand DeLorean still held.

Since this was put on display at the Geneva Auto Show in 2019, DeLorean management though, cannot really blame Ital Design since there own research should’ve let this show up, unless they were fine by it of course. It does make all the references to the DMC12 and the Lancia Medusa concept clearly appear as nothing but hot air to sell a “story”.

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