June 15, 2024

Mitsubishi Closes its European and US design and R&D facilities


We are saddened to report that Mitsubishi Motors has anounced that it will close both its North American and its European Design and R&D facilities. All personnel will be laid off. In an already troubled automotive industry, this is yet another blow that rocks the core, and indicates that there is no sign of a recovery anytime soon.

Mitsubishi had been in trouble ever since it was let go out of the Daimler organization, and their production cars were definetly aging, but Mitsubishi does have a line up of electric vehicles in its Japanese production that were ready to be brought to market in Europe and the US. Mitsubishi was a leader in that respect, and the closure announcements today indicate that even companies with a good vision have to face the reality of these dire times.

We wish everyone affected by this all the best. The tides will change.

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