May 25, 2024

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The Mazda CX9 together with its little sibling CX7, has been a big move for Mazda into a new segment. With many common Ford underpinnings, the CX9 thankfully remains unique, retaining its Mazda DNA instead of being forced to be a re-badged Ford Derivative much in line with CM philosophies for its Suzuki brand at the time.

Of course the Mazda design language has evolved since the CX9 first came out, but we were nicely surprised how well this design still maintains its modernity. Largely due to lack of gimmicky design elements, but rather relying on a very dynamic shape, executed well and with much care for longevity, the CX9 remains a modern car.

The interior is spacious, has the obligatory 7 seat layout with children’s seats in the far trunk area, and has a logical layout in its instrument panel and switch gear. All is easy to find and no confusion. For sure these days there is a tendency to go all out on the interior, but most of the time this results in forcing people to take a new driving test for that new car, just to be able to operate it. There is something to be said for logic and common sense.

We look forward to see where Mazda guides the new versions of the CX9 and the CX7, if it is able to keep its longevity design or if it falls into the gimmick design trap.

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