May 25, 2024

First of 3 Mercedes Concepts for Detroit Shown


Mercedes Benz is expected to present 3 concepts at the Detroit Motor Show in January, compensating for the many cancellations Detroit has been receiving lately. We show you pictures of the first one, the BlueZero E-Cell Concept. There will also be on display the Blue-Zero E-Cell Plus, and the BlueZero F-Cell.

In the E-Cell the elecric engines obtain their power exclusively from from the Lithium-Iron batteries. The Plus will get assistance from a 1,0 liter, 3 cylinder engine straight out of the Smart For-Two, and the F-Cell gets assistance from a Fuel Cell.

The 0-60 expectations goes in under 11 seconds, with a top speed of 150 km/h. The E-Cell can travel up to 200 Kilimeters, the plus up to 600 km and the F cell manages a 400 km range.

All concepts will be 5 seaters and will be using the sandwich construction known from the Mercedes A-Class. The exteriors differ in the wheels, the panorama roof and LED day running lights, as well as the colors, Lime-Green for the E-Cell, Orange for the Plus and Mint-Green for the F.

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