July 24, 2024

Ferrari unveil its 2009 challenger


Ferrari F60 2009 Formula 1 car unveiledDefending champions Ferrari this morning unveiled its 2009 challenger to the media ahead of a scheduled test later today at Mugello.

Ditching the recent numbering system, the new 2009 Ferrari has been dubbed the F60, the 60th year of Formula One competition for the team, and was shortly afterwards shaken down by Felipe Massa at the team’s test track.

The car, initially dubbed the 660 during the design process, conforms to the 2009 regulations and features numerous innovations.

“The choice is very simple,” explained team boss Stefano Domenicali with reference to the designated name for the new car. “We wanted a way to recognise the fact that the history… that Ferrari has always been connected in the presence of Formula One. So this is the 60th championship of the F1 and this is the 60th time that Ferrari is here in Formula One.”

“So that is the history and hopefully that will be future together with Ferrari in Formula One,” he added.

As far as aerodynamics are concerned the modifications are a result of the Overtaking Working Group set up by the FIA in collaboration with the teams to produce a set of rules aimed at encouraging more overtaking.

The front wing, which has a neutral profile common to all, is developed mainly on its side elements and is much wider than in the past.

The bodywork can no longer carry the slotted apertures that were so common in recent times while other aerodynamic devices are significantly reduced.
The rear wing is higher and narrower than in the past; the diffuser has been moved rearward.

The combination of changes led the initial design phase down a radically different route when it came to the sidepods and protection components. The apertures have been reduced in size and moved rearwards while the upper and rear elements are larger to aid the exit of the air.

The new rules regarding aerodynamics have also led to modifications to the suspension and the whole layout of the car has been redesigned in light of the new rules and to achieve a balanced weight distribution.

The design also takes into account two other significant changes to the regulations namely the option to use Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems and the re-introduction of slick tyres to the past.

KERS on the F60 has been designed by Magneti Marelli and is centrally mounted on the engine under the rear part of the chassis. The slick tyre rules is also down to the work of the OWG, as is the introduction of a flap on the front wing that can be adjusted by the driver when the car is in motion. The software for managing this tool, as well as KERS, was designed in Maranello.

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