May 19, 2024

Eysing presents world premiere PF 40, an e-moped designed by Pininfarina, at Masters Expo 2022. The two brands recently have signed a collaboration for the development of e-mopeds that celebrate the iconic Eysink and at the same time are able to speak to the future.

PF40 “design by Pininfarina”, which will support the Eysing Pioneer, stands out for its Italian touch and Dutch production motor. Born from the meeting between Pininfarina and Esying’s passion for historical heritage, timeless style and innovation, the new Eysing embodies common values and the ambition to be a very exclusive product.

Defined by a slender line, the style of PF40 “design by Pininfarina” recalls the motorcycles of the ‘30s and, at the same time, it presents innovative elements that project it into the future creating a “retro-futuristic” flair. The retro look characterizes the structure and some components of the e-moped such as the analog tachometer and the vintage headlight directly evoke the character of the legendary Eysink. The design is inspired by tomorrow.

The chassis and its structure have been completely redesigned by Pininfarina’s design team to improve the driving experience. The motor has been moved in the lower part of the vehicle while next to the saddle there is a transparent tank, which works as a storage and allows a glimpse of the contents. The “retro-futuristic” style is also highlighted by the spoked wheels, which are made of polished aluminium and by the front fork suspensions characterized by a slim line. In terms of performance, the PF 40 is an electric moped equipped with a powerful battery that guarantees up to 80 km of range. It will be available in different colours and types of painting and the first models will be delivered in 2024.

The PF40 design by Pininfarina will be displayed from the 8th of December in the RAI Amsterdam exhibition building and will be on pre-sale from December 8 with a starting price of €13.780.

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