July 19, 2024

Foresee Car Design has introduced a concept for a small Electric Delivery Van platform which can be used for a great variety of services in zero emission areas like Golf Cart Communities, Apartment Complexes, Golf Courses, Stadium and Exhibition Halls, Special Event Areas and of course in City Centers where OCE powered vehicles have been banned, like Venice Beach.

The vehicle has the 4 wheels right at the corner providing minimal overhang, a central driver position, a large sliding side door and a large rear door. It offers large amounts of flexible space inside for all the various purposes it can be used for. The flexible platform allows for various lengths of vehicles to be offered, depending on the needs of the services it is to perform.

The lightweight carbon fiber body offers strength and safety in all conditions, and, combined with the electric drive train make this into a very durable and sustainable product with low maintenance.

  • Ambulance 001
  • Ambulance 002
  • Ambulance 003
  • Ambulance 004
  • Ambulance 005
  • Ambulance 006
  • GFMI Police_0013
  • GFMI Police_0014
  • GFMI Police_0015
  • GFMI Police_0016
  • GFMI Police_0017
  • Mail Delivery.61
  • Mail Delivery.62
  • Mail Delivery.64
  • Mail Delivery.66
  • Mail Delivery.67
  • Mail Delivery.71 copy
  • Mail Delivery.72
  • Mail Delivery.74
  • MailDeliveryLWB_009
  • GFMI Police_0003
  • GFMI Police_0004
  • GFMI Police_0005
  • GFMI Police_0006
  • GFMI Police_0007
  • GFMI Police_0008
  • GFMI Police_0009

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