April 13, 2024

[singlepic id=2517 w=640 h=480 float=center]By Cor Steenstra

The Dodge Journey is a very capable workhorse, a fresh looking small SUV that will function very well in executing the daily chores of bringing the kids to school en doing the shopping. The build quality is contemporary Chrysler/Dodge, which means that it works well, but it definitely does not break new grounds. That is also true for the overall impression of this Dodge Journey; It is “nice” in every sense, but to say it stands out in any sense would be a vast exaggeration.

The exterior design is well balanced, but not contemporary let alone advanced. The interior is along the well known Dodge-Chrysler mold we have seen over the past few years, with hard edged shapes, sometimes with softer than expected materials, but accentuated by cheap looking semi-metal finishes that I would associate with a painted plastic scale model quality rather than a serious attempt at suggesting a metal material.

The most outstanding factor with this car is the fuel consumption. With the size and given the current concern for fuel economy, one would expect the car to use somewhere between 21 and 25 mpg. Sadly, only in highway use we were able to get close to 17 mpg, but as soon as in town traffic was involved, 14 mpg was most likely. That is just not of this time.

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