May 25, 2024

De Tomaso
“One of the greatest untold stories in automotive history.”

The brand was founded in 1959 by racer and visionary Alejandro de Tomaso. Widely recognized for the most popular model, the Pantera, this merely scratches the surface of its rich history. Quattroruote perhaps quotes it best when they stated that Alejandro was, “One of the most controversial and active men in Italy’s industrial panorama.” A man with a vision,
Alejandro was relentless in his pursuit with an unrivaled impetus to achieve beyond what people deemed fathomable. For starters, he produced some of the world’s first mid-engine road cars, developing Formula One cars with Dallara for Frank Williams and amassing a conglomerate of industrial holdings consisting of Ghia, Innocenti, Vignale, Moto Guzzi, Benelli and owning Maserati from 1975 to 1993. A comprehensive look at Alejandro’s journey and the brand history is available on our website.
Since Alejandro’s passing in 2003 the true brand has been dormant. The spirit however, has lived on, thanks to the passionate international owners clubs.

The Initiative

How to Revive the Brand

After acquiring the brand in 2014, our team took a deep pause and asked ourselves, how do we want to embark on this initiative? How can we revive the brand with a new product whilst telling the untold story of the brands rich history in parallel?

De Tomaso is a special brand, a misunderstood brand, an incredible story that was never told. We may be young, but we are true historians at heart. The easiest thing for us to do, and the road most traveled in the automotive industry today, would have been to make a grandiose
entrance with claims of high production numbers, creating a modern rendition of the iconic Pantera, the brands most famous model. Whilst the Pantera is an incredible car, this wasn’t the approach we were inclined to take.

“We took our time, we digested, we read, we studied. We learned more and more about Alejandro and the incredible achievements that he had attained. In reality, when most people hear the word De Tomaso, the only thing that comes to mind is the Pantera. This is a true icon
and the most successful car of the brand. However, our approach is not solely product driven, it is driven by history and the brand.” -Norman Choi, Chairman of De Tomaso expressed.

Since we acquired the brand in 2014 we have been working diligently in complete secrecy to provide the brand the justice it deserves. That is to finally tell Alejandro’s story and his journey. When we embarked on the Apollo IE program we wanted to create a modern-day homage to
one of our favorite eras, the GT1 days of the 90s. We felt no one would ever truly produce a car like this again so we did it ourselves. We created the Apollo IE from a blank sheet of paper, producing a modern day car with true provenance. We are taking the same approach with De Tomaso and paying homage to another one of our favorite era’s, the prototype days of the ’60’s.

The rebirth of a legend

Meet the P72 A Modern Day Time Machine
This year marks the 60th Anniversary of De Tomaso. To commemorate, we are proud to announce the launch of our new project, formally named the P72. The P72 is a tribute to the original P70.

Speaking about the new P72, Norman Choi, of De Tomaso, said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of this exclusive car. We have devoted numerous days and nights developing a car that can live up to its predecessor. The P72 evokes the spirit of Alejandro de Tomaso, the brand and the eras that this car represents.”

A true modern-day time machine, the P72 will create a new segment in today’s market. Asegment for those who have been yearning for a modern-day classic that is not only dressed with a timeless shape and an unspeakable elegance, but one that will provide a grand touring
experience, making you feel as if you are back in

“A similar way the Pantera created a new category when it debuted in 1970, the P72 will create a new benchmark of its own. We have created a modern-day time machine that pays homage to an integral part of history and a car with its own provenance. When the final specifications and pricing for the car is revealed, people will realize how it adheres to the six core foundational pillars of De Tomaso: Heritage, Passion, Racing, European Design, and World- Class Performance at Extreme Value.” – Ryan Berris, De Tomaso General Manager and CMO.

The car we are presenting is our statement car, to showcase not only the new design, but also the level of engineering execution and refinement instilled into everything we produce. This car represents a glimpse into our future, whilst an ode to the past.

Perpetual Beauty

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the design of the P72 is inspired from the early 60s of the racing prototype era vehicles, the sport 1000, sport 2000 and P70, some of the initial cars that were developed by De Tomaso. The P72’s evolutionary design focuses on timeless beauty and timeless proportions of the ’60’s Le Mans prototype vehicles into the modern era. The P72 is a collaboration between De Tomaso and Wyn Design, much like the collaboration between Alejandro and Carroll Shelby.

With continuous flow of all surfaces, beautifully bold lines, emphasized powerful wheel arches, low nose and teardrop glasshouse architecture, resulting in perfect proportions. The P72 design language is set to stand the test of time with flawless attention to detail, combined with
the most advanced engineering execution. Unquestionably powerful and sensual from every angle, the P72 truly defines the term ‘Modern-Day Time Machine’.

“We intentionally incorporated a distinctive aerodynamically optimized body for performance and to modernize the aesthetics, while the classic wing mirrors and front emblem cap pays homage to the P70.“ – Jowyn Wong, P72 designer and founder of Wyn Design explained. He continued, “Beneath the surface, the interior showcases an elaborated combination of design and exotic materials. Polished copper and diamond pattern detailing adorn the
cabin, fashioning a true sense of drama and occasion. The classically designed switchgear and circular analogue display dials take inspiration from the timeless design themes of the 60s and 70s era.”

Bespoke all-carbon fibre chassis

The P72 is based on the state-of-the-art all-carbon chassis from the Apollo IE, featuring the first all-carbon fiber production chassis of its kind, consisting of the monocoque, as well as subframes and crash structures that adhere to respective FIA LMP safety requirements and features a carbon mono-cell. A similar approach to what Alejandro had done with his state-ofthe- art chassis by sharing it with the Vallelunga, P70 and Mangusta. By conducting a technology transfer from the Apollo IE, the P72 has a tested and proven platform which will ensure the highest level of quality and performance with an accelerated development timeline.

The Limited Run of only be 72

The P72 will remain highly exclusive and only 72 cars will be produced. Whilst having a cutting-edge world-class chassis the Project P features a design with perpetual beauty and a proper manual transmission. This is a car for all generations. Full technical specifications and pricing will be revealed in due course. We are forecasting a base price for the P72 of
approximately 750,000 euro and are currently accepting Registrations of Interest via soft deposits for the limited run while we finalize the production specifications and pricing. The exterior and interior designs will remain largely the same and we will disclose final details on the powertrain and other strategic partnerships in the coming months as we plan for the full homologation process for our target markets.

De Tomaso Automobili has secured a global network of dealer partners. Our partners have been proudly appointed, reinforcing the significance of this revival and add further credence to our future plans and vision. Our representation is planned as follows: North America – Miller Motorcars, United Kingdom and Middle East – Joe Macari Performance Cars, Continental
Europe – Louwman Exclusive and for Asia – SPS Automotive.

  • P72-sketch-3
  • P72-steering-wheel-cluster-sketch-c
  • P72-steering-wheel-sketch
  • P72-wheels-sketch
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Badge
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Clamshell
  • De-Tomaso-P72-dark
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Exhaust
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Front
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Front-angle
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Front-Quarter
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Headlight
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Interior
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Interior-Guages
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Interior-Manual-Shifter
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Interior-Seat
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Lights
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Logo
  • De-Tomaso-P72-P70
  • De-Tomaso-P72-P70-cap
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Rear
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Rear-dark
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Rear-Light
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Rear-Q
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Rear-Side
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Rear-top
  • De-Tomaso-P72-side
  • De-Tomaso-P72-side-dark
  • P70-drawings
  • P70-sketch
  • P70-sketch-2
  • P70-sketch-3
  • P72-drawing
  • P72-headlights-sketch
  • P72-interior-sketch-c
  • P72-manual-shifter-sketch-c
  • P72-rear-sketch
  • P72-sketch
  • P72-steering-wheel-cluster-sketch-c
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Clamshell
  • De-Tomaso-P72-Rear-Side

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