April 13, 2024

Design Tool Evaluation: Bunkspeed Hypershot 1.7 | part 1


Ever since the introduction of computer aided design tools to our design process, the need to present a realistic representation of what was being created has been of the utmost importance, not only for the designers to see, analyze, evaluate and optimize their proposals, but indeed also to aid the decision making process of senior management to invest time and significant money in the development of proposals.

Among the tools available for this is Bunkspeed’s Hypershot in it’s latest 1.7 version. In this video show we give a brief overview of how quickly we can create a realistic presentation. In this first part we are using high resolution models from the Dosch 2007 car series, in .obj format, and show you how we can assign materials and set up a presentation. We also show how we would add several models in one scene to enable an objective comparison.

In part 2 we will show you how to prepare a model in Autostudio Alias Studiotools for direct use in Nypershot, and compare a quick design study to its competitors.

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