July 19, 2024

DeLorean Omega Concept Imagines 2040


I have a hard time with DeLorean trying to re-imagine what it would’ve been like if they had products over the past 40 years. That seemed all more of trying to explain why their Alpha 5 looks the way it does, and does not look like a derivative of the DMC12. It’s all a bit far fetched, based on modern marketing departments deeming “The Story” as important as “The Product”. I clearly disagree. A story doesn’t get people to the showroom and if it does, there better be something really really good awaiting them there.

But in this case DeLorean imagined a future around the year 2040. Now that is something which makes sense to me. A sort of goal to see where you ultimately want to arrive at. That was what the concepts of the late 60’s and early 70’s intended to do and they did push the boundaries.

DeLorean states that their 2040 Omega, a name owned by GM for it’s European Opel line, brings about a new vision with its roots in the Baja Themed Off Road racing scene you see a lot in Southern California. DeLorean states it is a celebration of mobility and driving, which, as a design philosophy intends to break away completely from traditional automotive design.

What do you think?

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