April 16, 2024

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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

When Cadillac introduced the concept for the CTS Coupe it caused quite a stir at the Detroit Motor Show. Though relatively realistic, there was much doubt that Cadillac would actually ever put such a car in production, and if it did, it certainly would never look this good. 3 years later we have the breath a collective sigh of relieve. The CTS Coupe is in production, and although it does differ from the concept, the overall impression remained very much in tact. It is a stylish design with an aggressive and dynamic stance that definitely turns head wherever it goes.

As with recent Cadillacs, the quality and fit and finish have come a long way, and thought still not 100% Lexus level, it is very acceptable for this level of car. The modern interpretation of the Cadillac wings and flares of yonder years works really well, and combined with the aggressive V shape in the tail, only goes to enhance the overall dynamic style of the car.

Inside we found a wonderfully stylish cabin, with the main switch gear in the right places, accented by solid material choices throughout. Everything seems to harmonize well between exterior and interior design, and it all is executed in a way that accommodates most people in a comfortable semi-sporty way, without being uncomfortable.

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