July 24, 2024

Nissan introduced the new Pathfinder at the Shanghai Auto Show. At first glance it is still huge, but it also seems very much like a toned down version of the current Hyundai Tucson design theme, not only on the front end treatment, but even the window surround bright work going into the D-pillar. The IP looks a bit over simplistic, certainly taking into account the size of the vehicle. Since the bright IP will inevitably disappear due to reflection issues, there will be little left.

First introduced in 1985, Nissan’s family-friendly and technologically innovative four-wheel-drive Pathfinder has become an icon among SUVs. The Pathfinder Concept, designed with the Chinese market in mind, continues the legend. Blending Chinese modern aesthetics with quintessential Nissan-ness, the Pathfinder Concept is designed to fit the lifestyle of active consumers. Whether conquering the wilderness or navigating the urban landscape, it makes the perfect adventure partner.

The Pathfinder Concept features a completely redesigned exterior and an adventure-ready interior that, with three rows of seating, provides ample space for larger families. The cabin’s ultrawide display screen and heads-up display provide a wealth of information.

  • Auto_Shanghai_2023_Pathfinder_Concept_01
  • Auto_Shanghai_2023_Pathfinder_Concept_02
  • Auto_Shanghai_2023_Pathfinder_Concept_03
  • Auto_Shanghai_2023_Pathfinder_Concept_04
  • Auto_Shanghai_2023_Pathfinder_Concept_05
  • Auto_Shanghai_2023_Pathfinder_Concept_06
  • Auto_Shanghai_2023_Pathfinder_Concept_07

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