May 19, 2024

The Sienta was launched in September 2003 as a vehicle that combines the convenience of a minivan, with a spacious cabin and seating for seven passengers, into a compact body size. Each generation of the Sienta has provided solid support for family life by remaining consistently close to Japanese families and carrying a deep understanding of changing customer values from the very first generation. This consideration in design has earned driver loyalty and passenger admiration.

The development team once again considered customer feedback and tried to uncover their real hopes for the Sienta in developing this new model. The conclusion they reached was preserving the vehicle’s easy-to-manage length, latest safety and security features, fuel economy, and affordable price while further refining the user-friendly cabin space preserved from the first generation. The team has ensured a cabin space that seven adults can ride in without changing the length and width, making it a better companion that matches customer lifestyles. The second-row seats, where most passengers sit, have been re-designed to provide more spacious rear seat space for both legroom and head clearance. In addition, the new Sienta adopts a revamped powertrain that achieves both fuel economy and driving performance through TNGA, as well as the latest safety and security features in support of family drives. The consideration that has been added to the new Sienta will bring smiles to the faces of the whole family.

Details of the new third-generation Sienta are as follows.

Vehicle details

A practical design for easy use in a variety of situations


Sienta Z 7-seater 2WD hybrid model; Model with options shown Sienta Z
7-seater 2WD hybrid model;
Model with options shown

  • An exterior design that provides a spacious cabin space and good maneuverability
  • Large cabin with a horizontal beltline. Large windows offer good visibility and driving ease.
  • Simple “Shikakumaru” circle and square design. Rounded corners create a compact appearance, and the circle and square silhouette lead to good maneuverability.
  • Large side protection moldings honestly convey its functionality as a tool that can be used easily.
  • A total of seven body colors that blend into everyday life with the Sienta. Colors include Urban Khaki and a vivid Scarlet Metallic*1. In addition, Scarlet Metallic and Grayish Blue two-toned colors that match the dark gray roof color are also available*1.


Sienta Z 7-seater 2WD hybrid model; Interior color: Khaki; Model with options shown Sienta Z
7-seater 2WD hybrid model;
Interior color: Khaki; Model with options shown

  • Interior design that expands the fun of use and creates a comfortable cabin space
  • Simple “Shikakumaru” circle and square design. A design that evokes a sense of attachment has been pursued, with iconic, simple, and unified door pockets, cup holders, and registers.
  • Pictograms to suggest items that fit into the storage spaces in a fun way.
  • A thin, light, and horizontally arranged instrument panel made of fabric. Seamless connections from the front edge of the upper section to the left and right door belt lines support a sense of interior roominess and make it easy to judge the size
  • Three interior colors for a comfortable cabin. Color schemes include the bright Fromage and calm and relaxing Black. An easy-to-love Khaki is an available option as part of the Fan Tool Package*2.
*1Manufacturer option for the Z and G grades
*2Manufacturer option for the Z and G grades together with colored door sashes (center pillar). Cannot be selected as a two-tone body color

User-friendly cabin space filled with innovations

Innovations to create a comfortable and convenient cabin space

Sienta Z 7-seater 2WD hybrid model; Interior color: Khaki; Model with options shown Sienta Z
7-seater 2WD hybrid model;
Interior color: Khaki; Model with options shown

  • Cabin height was increased by 20 mm*3 from previous models while maintaining an easy-to-manage length and maneuverability. In addition, a low horizontal belt line and upright side glass design create a spacious and open interior
  • UV-block and IR-block functions are available as Comfort Package*4 options for all windows around the cabin space, blocking IR and UV rays for a more comfortable space
  • A maximum of 1,000 mm, or +80 mm compared to previous models, of class*5-leading front/rear couple distance*6 has been achieved to improve second-row comfort. Shopping baskets can be conveniently placed under seats for everyday shopping*7.
  • A ceiling air circulator*8 has been installed for rear-seat comfort to efficiently circulate warm/cold air from the air conditioning unit to the rear seats, which eliminates the temperature difference between the front and rear seats
  • Sunshades for rear seats*9 have been installed on sliding doors

Sienta Z 7-seater 2WD hybrid model; Model with options shown Sienta Z
7-seater 2WD hybrid model;
Model with options shown

  • While maintaining the popular low 330 mm*10 floor height and stepless flat floor, the power sliding door*11 opening height has been expanded to 1,200 mm, +60 mm compared to previous models, to make it easier to get in and out of rear seats. All family members, from children to the elderly, can easily get in and out of the vehicle.
  • Equipped with hands-free dual power sliding doors*11. This enables users carrying the key to automatically open and close the sliding doors simply by placing their feet under the sensors at the bottom of the front doors. This is a very convenient feature when both hands.
  • The rear hatch door opening height has been increased by 15 mm compared to previous models. Luggage space height has also been increased by 20 mm compared to previous models, allowing for smoother loading and unloading. A bicycle with 27-inch tires can be loaded without the handlebars getting stuck in the opening*12, so, for example, parents can pick up their children with bicycles after cram school in a sudden rain storm.
  • In addition to the floor luggage space, the two-row five-seater model has expanded luggage space height by 50 mm compared to previous models, which was achieved by changing the tilt-down structure of the second-row seats to lower the height of the back of the seats when folded. The flat, large-capacity luggage space is ideal for active situations such as outdoor activities where a large amount of cargo is loaded.

Other innovations

  • Sienta has fabric seat covers with deodorizing and water/oil-repellent treatment*13 for more convenience and easier cleaning up after food or drink spills. Enhanced storage space full of ideas for ease of use.
  • Armrest hook on the driver’s seat for hanging shopping bags, etc.*9.
  • Two driver’s seat-back smartphone pockets (with two USB-C ports for charging)*14, etc.
*3According to in-house measurements.
*4Manufacturer option for the Z and G grades.
*5Compact hatchback class with a length of less than 4,400 mm and with minivan-like elements such as sliding doors and three-row seating. As of August 2022. According to Toyota research.
*6Distance between hip points between the front and rear seats. In this case, between the first and second rows.
*7May not be possible to place a shopping basket depending on its size and shape.
*8Manufacturer option for the Z and G grades.
*9Equipped as standard for the Z grade.
*10Two-wheel drive models only. 350 mm for four-wheel drive models. According to in-house measurements.
*11Hands-free dual sliding doors are equipped as standard for the Z grade. Power sliding doors on both the left and right sides are equipped as standard for the G grade, and hands-free dual power sliding doors are a manufacturer option.X grade has a power sliding door on the passenger side only.
*12When luggage space is maximized. May not be possible to load bicycles depending on their size and shape.
*13Equipped as standard for the Z grade. Manufacturer option for the G grade.
*14Equipped as standard for the Z and G grades. Manufacturer option for the X grade.

Advanced features for a safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient drive

Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense, the latest active safety package with advanced and improved functionality, is equipped as standard on all models. The range of accidents that can be responded to has been expanded to support safe driving further.

  • Pre-collision Safety System
    This system expands the detection range, adding motorcyclists (daytime), pedestrians, and cyclists to help avoid collisions or reduce damage. It provides additional support at intersections where accidents more frequently occur.
  • Proactive Driving Assist
    This system subtly assists drivers when driving on ordinary roads and in other situations. It supports avoidance steering and deceleration to avoid getting too close to pedestrians, cyclists, and parked vehicles by anticipating risks according to the driving situation, such as pedestrians crossing the road or vehicles that may suddenly start moving.

Toyota Teammate

Toyota Teammate
  • The new Sienta comes equipped with Advanced Park*15, a driving support technology function within Toyota Teammate. Besides support of all operations―steering, acceleration, braking, and gear changes―the bird’s-eye view display also shows the ideal steering wheel positions for a safe and secure parking experience. This system expands support in parallel parking situations. In addition to backing in/forward exit from parking situations, it also supports forward entry/backing exit parking situations for improved ease of use when parking.

Software Update

  • Software updates enable the vehicle to always have the latest software version via wireless communication or a dealer’s wired connection. While also adding new functions that become available after vehicle purchase, the updates can enhance vehicle performance. Installation of the latest driver-assistance technologies can help the vehicle evolve in terms of greater safety and peace of mind.

Comprehensive T-Connect optional services

  • Equipped with Connected Navigation*16-compatible Display Audio*17 system, enabling destination searches and route settings using new center-acquired data, including maps, facilities, and traffic congestion. A voice-recognition service (agent) can also set destinations in the system*18.
  • These new models also come with their own in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot, a first for Toyota. The DCM included as standard on all these models enables unlimited data transfer for smartphones, game devices, and other devices connected to the internet.

Other enhanced equipment for a safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient drive

  • Equipped with front and rear dash cams*19. Video captured by the Toyota Safety Sense’s monocular camera and the newly added rear-facing camera while driving is recorded to built-in memory. For portability, video data can be played back on the Display Audio system or transferred to a smartphone or USB memory device.
  • Equipped with an AC100 V/1,500 W accessory power outlet*20. This not only allows the use of electrical products using the same electrical outlets found in the home but also enables the vehicle to be used as a power generator during blackouts and other times of emergency.
*15Manufacturer option for the Z grade hybrid specification.
*16This service is provided free of charge for five years from the first registration. Continued use from the sixth year after registration is possible through a paid contract renewal.
*178-inch display for Display Audio system (with Connected Navigation-compatible) is equipped as standard on all vehicles except for X grade, where it is a manufacturer option. 10.5-inch display and onboard navigation for Display Audio Plus (with Connected Navigation-compatible) is a manufacturer option on all vehicles except the X grade.
*18When Connected Navigation is available. In addition to setting destinations, the agent can also be used to operate vehicle equipment, including air conditioning and power windows.
*19Provided as a manufacturer option on all grades. The front dash cam is equipped as standard for the Z and G grades and is available as a manufacturer option for the X grade.
*20Manufacturer option for all hybrid models.

Earth-friendly and exceptional basic functions

Body and suspension

  • The platform that forms the vehicle’s basic structure was newly designed based on the TNGA (GA-B) platform. The main structure is joined to form a ring-shaped frame, improving joint rigidity. The highly rigid body is light and well-balanced to deliver high-quality riding comfort and outstanding handling stability.
  • Handling stability, ride comfort, and quietness have been improved by using a high-damping type of structural adhesive for the vehicle’s main structure and a portion of the mastic sealer used for the roof panel.
  • Front and rear suspension geometry has been optimized to produce a rigid body. With MacPherson struts at the front and torsion beam at the rear, a suspension system that creates gentle movement and a smooth ride with excellent road holding has been achieved.
  • The minimum turning radius is just 5.0 m, facilitating smooth maneuvers on narrow roads and in car parks.

Series Parallel Hybrid

1.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine (M15A-FXE) + hybrid system 1.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine (M15A-FXE) + hybrid system

  • The 1.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine (M15A-FXE) for the hybrid system improves system efficiency and achieves outstanding fuel efficiency. Class-leading fuel efficiency of 28.8 km/liter*21 under the WLTC test cycle*22.
  • The E-Four system has been used, improving peace of mind for starting on hills in the snow or rain.

1.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine (M15A-FKS) + Direct Shift-CVT

  • The combination of a 1.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine (M15A-FKS) and Direct Shift-CVT achieves a powerful direct drive system with outstanding fuel efficiency.
  • As a gasoline-powered vehicle as well, class-leading fuel efficiency of 18.4 km/liter under the WLTC test cycle*23.
  • Direct Shift-CVT comes with 10-speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic for fun shift changes with the feeling of a manual.
*21For the 2WD five-seater X grade model. As evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
*22WLTC (World Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Cycle) is an internationally recognized test cycle, and is based on average usage ratios for urban, suburban, and highway driving.
*23For the 2WD five-seater model. As evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

A wide variety of dealer-installed options that allow the vehicle to be customized to suit various customer lifestyles

  • The vehicle can be customized to the customer’s specifications by combining a wide variety of dealer-installed options, supporting each customer’s vehicle needs as a companion that accompanies each new life stage.
  • Side emblem (Yamabuki yellow) Side emblem (Yamabuki yellow)
  • Wood grain luggage deck Wood grain luggage deck

Main dealer-installed options

(Doesn’t include installation and other costs. Includes consumption tax.)

 Price (JPY)
Sienta FUN×FUN interior setFUN×FUN seat cover (Fromage)
Door trim belt
Console box
Sienta FUN×FUN luggage setLuggage upper board
Luggage multi-net
System bar (2 bars)
Utility hooks (4 hooks)
Soft luggage tray
Sienta gear set (Yamabuki yellow)Side emblem (Yamabuki yellow)
Back door accent molding
LED fog lamps (with garnish)47,520*24
Wood grain luggage deck*2527,500
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  • sienta_002
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  • sienta_009
  • sienta_010
  • sienta_011
  • sienta_012
  • sienta_013
  • sienta_014
  • sienta_015
  • sienta_016
  • sienta_017
  • sienta_018
  • sienta_019
  • sienta_020
  • sienta_021
  • sienta_022
  • sienta_023
  • sienta_024
  • sienta_025
  • sienta_026
  • sienta_027
  • sienta_028
  • sienta_029
  • sienta_030
  • sienta_031
  • sienta_032
  • sienta_033
  • sienta_034
  • sienta_035
  • sienta_036
  • sienta_037
  • sienta_038
  • sienta_039
  • sienta_020
  • sienta_021
  • sienta_030
  • sienta_038
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  • 20220823_01_14
  • 20220823_01_16
  • 20220823_01_17
  • 20220823_01_18
  • 20220823_01_19
  • 20220823_01_20
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  • 20220823_01_66
  • 20220823_01_67
  • 20220823_01_68
  • 20220823_01_69
  • 20220823_01_70
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