May 25, 2024

The 2019 model Jetta replaces a Jetta model that has been a very successful part in the VW lineup in the US. From it’s origins the Jetta was always the Golf with a boot, but it has developed into a car all on his own, a smaller Passat in the US VW lineup. Well, something is changing again. This new 2019 VW Jetta is no longer a smaller Passat. It is a full grown car, it is spacious enough for 5 and with the new 3 light side window treatment can clearly hold its own. VW will most likely replace the Passat next year with a new model based on a platform that the EU Passat has been on since 2014, but will be new for the US. That most likely will mean a shift in design language and packaging for that new Passat, which will make the size and dimensions of the new Jetta more logical. As is now, it seems to bite into the Passat market a bit, but I am convinced that will be remedied soon enough.

In comparison to the previous Jetta, this one clearly sets it apart from the Golf origins a lot more. It is n o longer a Golf with a boot. Dare I say that it is a bit more conservative, less sporty than the Golf series is becoming? From the design language it fits clearly within the new VW’s we have been featuring of late, similar DRG and treatment of the jewelry, the very tight body cut lines and the good fit and finish. On the interior there is a clear abundance of carry-over parts from the VW parts bin, but the most striking to me was how the IP was bend towards the driver. This driver orientation, or frankly any plan view sculpture, has been lacking in the VW sedas for a while now, but this brings it back full circle to where the driver is actually the most important person in the car. Finally.

Driving the 2019 VW Jetta, I found it very easy to explore the limits of the car’s road holding and found it be very confidence inspiring to maneuver the car around these limits. It was very easy to keep under control. It is clearly not a sport, racy version, as is clearly visible by the relative high side walls of the tires, but it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t, and that was refreshing. I loved being able to just have fun with the car on the curved mountain roads, comfortably drifting through corners with a total sense of control. Every behavior was very predicatble, and that instilled confidence. In that respect i do think this is a good replacement of the previous car, and certainly is a good offer within the VW lineup.

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