April 22, 2024

Given the fact that we’re right in the middle of the Global Climate Action Summit, I was a bit hesitant to put up a review of a gas guzzling pickup truck. That seemed insensitive of course. The reason why I did with this Chevrolet Colorado is because it actually was not such a gas guzzler at all. In fact, I was pleased to find that we managed to keep it close to the 30 mpg for the duration of the loan. That is quite a difference than my previous experiences with these kind of trucks, where we were lucky to get 12 mpg out of them.

The Colorado is a big vehicle still, even though it is not the biggest in the Chevy lineup by far. My 6’4″ found it easy to get comfortable behind the wheel. The cabin had enough space left for people to sit behind me easily as well. The interior impression was one of car level comfort, not the rough and ready tough look, but rather sophisticated and thought out with nice touches all around. The feel of the fit and finish of course was not that of a luxury car, but it was darn good, again, compared to what I had experienced before. I has seriously considered driving this all the way up to San Francisco, since it was comfortable to drive and it wasn’t a gas guzzler. Ultimately we decided for using less fuel after all.

In this fire red with the plenty of chrome accents, every kid with firemen dreams can get excited. It does look good so new and shiny of course, and the size adds to that impression. The nose is huge, very intimidating, and clearly contrary to any impression you would have of an earodynamic vehicle, so how the heck they managed to get that fuel consumption that reasonable is beyond me. The Chevy Colorado does not even attempt to look like a rounded of rectangle, it is a rectangle. At least it gives the perception that you’re very well protected if something should happen.

The new Chevy fascia is competing clearly with the Ford F150 in your face identity, and the Chevy comes off as strong as, but certainly a bit less aggressive, which, to me, is more attractive, but then, I am not the pickup truck kind of audience. I like things to look good and not just macho, so whether this is the best for this category I do not know.

Overall I was very glad that I was forced to change my opinion about the gas guzzling image associated with pickup trucks. Now I do really want to see the EV versions of them , with hella traction and torque. That would be an interesting experience.

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