June 19, 2024

2017 Nissan Titan XD Platinum 4×4 (with 360 Turntable and Pano Views)



By Dan Ellis, Michele Straniero

It had been a while since I have driven a truck. The last one was a Chevy Silverado in Black trim, a single cab version. In comparison, this Nissan Titan is HUGE! Not only is it the the double cab version with plenty of space up front as well as in the rear, but it also is tall and wide, very tall and very wide. With my 6’4″ I am not short, but I had to climb in and had plenty of space inside.

As an experiment I have created a little 360 walk-around here. Ideally I would have been walking around on an even surface, but I was on top of a mountain, so this will have to do.

[360 width=”800px” height=”450px” src=”yofla360/2017NissanTitan”]

Of course all of this comes at a price. The fuel consumption. In all local traffic I saw the fuel consumption go down to level I have rarely seen, but nevertheless managed an in town average of 12 miles to the gallon. On freeway travel without traffic jams I even managed to get it up to 16 mpg, which, given the size and weight, is a good result.

[vrview img=”https://www.cardesigntv.com/wp-content/uploads/yofla360/2017NissanTitan/2017_Nissan Titan_064.jpg” width=”800px” height=”450px” ]

Looking at the interior, the ease of access is helped a lot by the step and the handle on the A-Pillar. I’ve found both really necessary to get a smooth entry and exit. At the exit you would otherwise have to jump a bit, which is a big deal depending on your side and what you’re wearing. The center console is plenty wide, with enough space to store even laptop or tablet size electronics, but I must admit that I did find the bin-part center display a bit underwhelming in size compared to the vast hugeness of its surrounding. Judge for yourself in this 360 view.

[vrview img=”https://www.cardesigntv.com/wp-content/uploads/yofla360/2017NissanTitan/2017_Nissan Titan_071.jpg” width=”800px” height=”450px” ]

As common with a truck, I looked at the practical side too and found that all the details in the trunk were well designed and functional. I do think though however, that for instance the RAM 1500 has rear fender storage which can be accessed from the outside. Harking back to the origin of the pick up truck, where the sides could flip down for ease of access, the integrated fenders have put a stop to all of this, but not in the best possible way. Sometimes it is really useful to not only have access to space inside the big side fenders, but even more handy to be able to access the load from the sides. That practicality seems to have been lost in favor of styling.

[vrview img=”https://www.cardesigntv.com/wp-content/uploads/yofla360/2017NissanTitan/2017_Nissan Titan_072.jpg” width=”800px” height=”450px” ]

[vrview img=”https://www.cardesigntv.com/wp-content/uploads/yofla360/2017NissanTitan/2017_Nissan Titan_068.jpg” width=”800px” height=”450px” ]

  • 2017_nissan-titan_009
  • 2017_nissan-titan_061
  • 2017_nissan-titan_024
  • 2017_nissan-titan_025
  • 2017_nissan-titan_026
  • 2017_nissan-titan_027
  • 2017_nissan-titan_028
  • 2017_nissan-titan_029
  • 2017_nissan-titan_030
  • 2017_nissan-titan_031
  • 2017_nissan-titan_032
  • 2017_nissan-titan_033
  • 2017_nissan-titan_034
  • 2017_nissan-titan_035
  • 2017_nissan-titan_036
  • 2017_nissan-titan_037
  • 2017_nissan-titan_038
  • 2017_nissan-titan_039
  • 2017_nissan-titan_040
  • 2017_nissan-titan_041
  • 2017_nissan-titan_042
  • 2017_nissan-titan_043
  • 2017_nissan-titan_044
  • 2017_nissan-titan_045
  • 2017_nissan-titan_046
  • 2017_nissan-titan_047
  • 2017_nissan-titan_048
  • 2017_nissan-titan_049
  • 2017_nissan-titan_050
  • 2017_nissan-titan_051
  • 2017_nissan-titan_052
  • 2017_nissan-titan_053
  • 2017_nissan-titan_054
  • 2017_nissan-titan_055
  • 2017_nissan-titan_056
  • 2017_nissan-titan_057
  • 2017_nissan-titan_058
  • 2017_nissan-titan_059
  • 2017_nissan-titan_060

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