2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited


Text Gabriela Galvan, Photos Cor Steenstra

It has been a while since we had the Hyundai Tucson at Car Design TV, and admittedly, the Tucson has grown up a lot. Not necessarily in size, but certainly in the category of vehicle it represents. This Tucson offers a very well balanced dynamic exterior design featuring the latest Hyundai design language, retaining the assertive lines we really enjoyed on the previous generation of Sonata, and carrying this into today. As such it clearly stands out from its direct Japanese competitors in a very positive way. Add to that the renowned Hyundai built quality, and a very potent 1.6 ltr turbo engine, and this Tucson offers up quite a nice package.

The weirdes thing happened though while we were driving the Tucson. Returning from our favorite Saturday breakfast outing at C’Est ci Bon in Newport Beach, we saw a very nice bright blue metallic vehicle a couple of cars in front of us. We were confused if it was a Hyundai or, as some suggested, a Subaru, but in either case it looked very nice a modern from that distance. When we drove up closer we recognized the Hyundai logo, and even closer it turned out to be the Tucson as well. It looked so different in that blue color. The Dark red of this car might have taken away some of the nice design character, though we thought a sunset shoot might aid in that respect.


On the interior you can recognize the Hyundai Kia parts bin in places, but all done in a very harmonious way, where nothing looks oddly out of place. Everything seems to be there in the right position and the right shape, so in all, the design impression on the interior is very good indeed. The huge sunroof only helps in that respect, offering generous light inside and a true sense of space. Aided of course by the these days high level of quality associated with Hyundai products, we can not do anything but conclude that the Tucson is a very strong offering in the Hyundai line-up.


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