July 19, 2024

Back in 2014 for our 25th anniversary I tried to create a concept based on the Alfa Romeo 4C, but then aimed at the American market as an SRT. I wanted to improve the ease of access so opted for doors that run into the roof. I also tried to get air into the engine bay by using the B-Pillar cut line as a sculptural element to separate and open up the main surface.

Sadly the project was forced to stop since FCA/Chrysler prohibited any usage of any of it’s brand names and any association of it with them, so it never came to pass. It was fun thinking about though.

  • Foresee_Jubilee_021
  • Foresee_Jubilee_001
  • Foresee_Jubilee_002
  • Foresee_Jubilee_003
  • Foresee_Jubilee_004
  • Foresee_Jubilee_005
  • Foresee_Jubilee_006
  • Foresee_Jubilee_007
  • Foresee_Jubilee_008
  • Foresee_Jubilee_009
  • Foresee_Jubilee_010
  • Foresee_Jubilee_011
  • Scan1006
  • Scan1007
  • Scan1009
  • Scan1010
  • Scan Side View 001
  • Scan Side View 002
  • Scan1001
  • Scan1002
  • Scan1003
  • Scan1004
  • Scan1005
  • Scan1009
  • Scan1021
  • Scan1020

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