May 19, 2024

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It had been several years since we last drove the Mazda CX9, back in 2010 when it was just introduced. Mazda has substantially changed most of its line up, but only face-lifted the CX9 thus far, so it was intriguing to find out why? Of course it is a vehicle in a higher segment, so less volume to write off a model renew over, but was the CX9 still up to date enough? In a word “YES”! The new front end totally fits within the latest Mazda Design philosophy, and the rest of the car matches well with the new design, so the total impression is still very well balanced and harmonious. That speaks volumes for the initial design as well, as well as for the execution of the facelift. Also inside the CX9 seems fully up to date, with equally timeless interior design that does not scream a certain age and could therefore be out rooted several years ago. Instead it still is a very nicely executed, and well balanced interior design where only the most essential parts have and to be, and have been, updated to make it current with technology of today. Fit and finish is very good as well. Okay, it’s not a Lexus, but it doesn’t try to be. In fact, it is more harmonious than most Lexusses of late, and still has very good fit and finish. All in all, the Mazda CX9 still fits well within the current product line up of Mazda, and certainly offers great value for the money. [nggallery id=264]

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