June 19, 2024

We just took delivery of this Nissan 370Z in NISMO tuning guise, and have taken our first trips with it. The suspension is very hard, which suits the type of car of course, and does aid to the excellent road holding characteristics.

On the exterior it is clear that the front and rear bumpers have been changed. On the front it now integrates some elements that suggest it provides more aerodynamic pressure on the front, and it is executed at good quality, not only in fit and finish, but also in the actual surfacing. However, on the rear, where the new bumper mounts to the body, it clearly does not fit, actually does not have the same radii, and no continuation in the surfaces. Since this is Nissan’s own NISMO, this is quite sad to experience.

On top of that the rear also sports a big rear spoiler, also providing more downforce at speed, but also adding extra attention from the police. With this car your perceived speed for the police is a least 10 miles higher than your actual speed, so always watch out.

It is fun to drive though… Lots of fun..






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