June 15, 2024

2013 Lexus GS450h and GS350 F-Sport


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Photos and Video by Cor Steenstra


I’ve always loved the Lexus GS range, especially the previous generation, so it was with quite a lot of anticipation that I picked up the keys to first the new GS450h, and after that the GS350 F-Sport. If you watch the video till the end, you can clearly here my opinions, but here it is in writing, in a nutshell.

I still love the GS range. Most of all I am impressed with the GS450h, since it allows me to be both environmentally conscious, but also drive in a very sporty way should I need or want to. It really does its job brilliantly.In that respect I personally don’t see that much of a point in the F-Sport. It ads a bit in body panels, exhaust, etc., but it is not blatantly faster or offer a lot more performance, and it never allows to dial it down to preserve fuel usage.Design-wise I am not too convinced of the exterior design. The previous generation was a harmonious total design, seemingly drawn and executed with excellent control by 1 designer. In contrast, this exterior seems to want to combine a lot of design influences of a lot of people, resulting in what can only be called a committee design.

In stark contrast, the interior design is gorgeous. It exudes quality, integrates wood or carbon elements in a non tacky way, offer a whole new dimension in screen size and digital info/entertainment, and offers plenty of sumptuous space to all its occupants.

As I said in the RX450h review, I am so glad to see that Lexus seems to have finally settled in to adapting 1 DRG identity on their front fascia throughout their product line up. I hope it won’t be a simple slapping on the same face, but rather fine tuning each perfectly for each vehicle type and its audience. With that done, I hope Lexus will also adapt to using 1 design language per vehicle, one clear and harmonious statement, and not grab the best ideas per area of the car and try to combine it in one.

I love it.

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