May 25, 2024

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Text  Cor Steenstra, photos Michael Passage

After seeing the Cadillac Elmiraj concept at Pebble Beach, I commented that the car did not look like a concept, but rather that it could be in production right now. Well… Here we have the Cadillac XTS-4, and if nothing else, it carries all the same design cues as the Elmiraj concept showed, and it is in production. Of course it is not the 2 door coupe, does not have the same wheelbase, and does not have the same engine, but conventionally a concept car shows the design language a brand wants to take, not show a different platform with the same design language on it.Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed driving the XTS-4. It is an excellent car and exudes status beyond its sticker price. My initial perception was that this Cadillac was aimed squarely at the Lexus LS series, and it does that very well. To boot though, it is far less pricey than the Lexus. It does offer high quality and excellent fit and finish, but the price tag doesn’t come close to what you would expect from the looks of it.

The usage of LED lighting throughout the exterior and interior, amongst others in the front and tail light upright units, in the door handles and inside below key character lines throughout the interior, enhances the sense of status and quality.

I remember seeing the XTS being chauffeured around at Pebble Beach with the same importance as the Rollses and Bentleys there, and they fitted well…, very well indeed. To then see the price tag on this XTS-4 of a mere $59K is shocking beyond believe. It truly is a lot of value and status for the money.

So, coming back to the Elmiraij concept then, sure, it is an interesting platform and idea, but the styling should be on the road now. Please show us what the styling could be in a couple of years on that same platform. That will give us a hint of a new design direction.

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