June 15, 2024

2013 Buick Enclave AWD Premium Group


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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

I have really enjoyed driving the 2013 Buick Enclave in the AWD Premium Group version. The exterior updates are eye catching. They do give the Enclave enough of a refresher to make it stand out from the older versions in a very positive way. Add to that an interior that associates with luxury yachts more than anything else, and you feel that the money was visibly spend on this car.The drive is very smooth as well, with the 6 cylinder providing enough power to ensure a comfortable and fast enough drive when needed. It does not drive like you’re carrying the actual weight of the car with you, and with the relatively tight turning circle, it turned out to be quite a good drive.

Of course, the actual weight of the car does have its influence on the fuel cosumption, and although better then most of its GM counterparts, at current fuel prices every new fill up provides futter for yet another small heart attack. By chance right in front of me at the line at Costco was a woman in an Enclave as well, and to watch her facial expressions as the car kept on wanting more and more fuel, and the Dollars kept changing in the small window, was a priceless and very telling experience.

There is a lot to be said for clean energy, especially for cheap zero emission power sources, and this is one of those reasons. You would want this Enclave, but you wallet does not..

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