May 19, 2024

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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra, model Christiana in a Vocaloid Hatsuna Miku outfit.

Over the recent period we have been able to drive quite a number of cars from a varying number of manufacturers. It has been a very interesting experience for us to see how the game of thrones is developing, with newcomers challenging  the established elite, often in areas where the establishment had its unique monopoly not that long ago.

That is precisely how we came away from driving the VW GTi. When first introduced back in 1976, the GTi very much set the standard for the boy racer category at that time, and has been able to hold on to that for quite some time. Lately however, VW here in the US thought it necessary to promote their Diesel technology by establishing a Jetta TDi racing series, and VW doesn’t seem to be nurishing the GTi anywhere else in the world either.

Sadly, the GTi seems to have evolved into a still rapid, but otherwise stale and over-sized sporty passenger hauler, rather than the wolf in sheep skin of yonder. As you may remember, we recently were experiencing the Kia Forte Kkoup, which seems to have the price, the format, the power, the vibrancy, the youth, the speed, the road holding, that all were once associated with the GTi.

It would be in VW’s best interest to look at its product plan, and see if they really want to forgo on this, or if they can find the passion back that at some stage must have been prevalent with the organisation, and come out with something that will wow us again. We certainly hope so.

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