May 19, 2024

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Photos, Video and text by Cor Steenstra

I have to admit that when I first read about the Veloster I was very intrigued by the concept, then when I first saw it driving on the road, in white, and I approached it from the rear first, I was extremely disappointing. Than this frog-green Hyundai Veloster made it to us for a week long evaluation, and I must admit, the Veloster very much grew on me.The Veloster actually turned out to be quite a nifty little car. It is spacious enough, the concept with the 2 doors on the passenger side and the one door on the driver’s side actually works very well, and in this color it was quite an interesting design as well. We only had a few situations where a convention 4 door would be a tad handier, but this setup is not only safer for passenger usage, it also allows for the door opening on the driver’s side to be bigger than usual in this class of vehicle, and I do appreciate this obviously.

Also The tailgate reaching so far over into the roof indeed allows for quite a large opening, which would allow a sports bike sans front wheel to be easily placed into the trunk area, which we think was the original idea behind the concept in the first place, and helped give it its name.

Build quality is obviously modern Hyundai excellent, and the design of the IP and the rest of the interior gives an upgraded feeling for this category of vehicles. Couple that with surprisingly good fuel consumption, and we think this could be quite a good vehicle in its niche. Admittedly though, Hyundai also offers the new Elantra we showed you earlier, which is obviously not a niche market vehicle, but an offering that definitely has looks and practicality on its side. Internal competition.. Ah.. To be so lucky..

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