Kia Concepts of Optima 4dr Convertible, Sedona Truck and Sorento Adventure in 360 degrees video


Photos by Gabriela Lefevre, 360 videos by Cor Steenstra

IMG_0689Kia featured 3 concept cars at the LA Autoshow, concept which were shown before at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. We took our 360 cam to give you a better inside of the Sedona Minivan for photographers, the Optima 4 door convertible that everyone wants, and the Sorento PacWest Adventure concept.

  • IMG_0671
  • IMG_0672
  • IMG_0673
  • IMG_0674
  • IMG_0675
  • IMG_0676
  • IMG_0677
  • IMG_0678
  • IMG_0679
  • IMG_0680
  • IMG_0681
  • IMG_0682
  • IMG_0683
  • IMG_0684
  • IMG_0685
  • IMG_0686
  • IMG_0687
  • IMG_0688
  • IMG_0689
  • IMG_0690
  • IMG_0691
  • IMG_0692

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