Online Car Design School Full Course now Available

We’ve been working on the new video version of our Online School Course, but it is taking longer than expected. So for now we’re offering through here our full course as a downloadable PDF file. It has 119 pages describing a lot of what it entails to be a car designer, what you would need to learn to do so, and of course if full of examples and exercises to get you started.
With this course you can find out if it really motivates you to become a car designer. It gives you the exercises to find out what areas of car design your most attracted to. It ultimately will help you build a portfolio of work which you can update time and again the better you become. That portfolio you can share here and with potential employers.
The option is open to share it here and, much as in college, have your fellow students look and critique your work. We expect a normal flow of comments, so if there are any negative or rude comments posted please let us know and we will remove them and block the user who posted them.
We’re pricing the course at a very reasonable $9.95, payable through PayPal directly. As soon as we have your payment confirmation we will email you the exclusive link to the file you can download. We can see when this happened and will then remove that option, so make sure you save the file to your hard disk.

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