April 16, 2024

_dsc0244By Cor Steenstra with Photography by Chris Jones and Cor Steenstra The models in our extensive photo gallery are Grace Chavez from HBO’s Zane’s, and Jonathan Eng.

The Jaguar XF in both the Supercharged version that we drove, as well as it normally aspirated version, is a very high quality 4 door sedan with a semi-hatch/coupe like body style, very much in line with what Mercedes with the CLS, VW with the CC and Porsche with the Panamera are already producing or about to introduce. We found that the design immediately impresses on passers-by, which is quite a surprise since it does resemble the European larger hatchbacks in a way, but the way the design was executed here, there is definitely no mistaking here: This is a High-End, High Quality dynamic vehicle.

Fit and finish on both exterior and interior was of very high standard, and, as with the XK we drove earlier, the quality of the leather used in the interior and especially the way it was used on the dashboard is really impressive, with clean stitch lines and precise fit. The interior also made quite an impression with its novelty detailing, the air vents that are in hiding when either the airco is not switched on or the car is switched off, and the turn-knob gearshift that is also hiding flush when the ignition is switched off.

_dsc0102Interior space is excellent in the front, and comfortable in the back provided the occupants are not excessively tall. All round vision is very good, and the gadgets at the driver’s disposal for safer driving are plenty. The Supercharged version also was of course very quick on its feet, with enormous power in acceleration and very safe and comfortable drive at higher speeds. We never felt out of control once, which is a sharp contract to for instance our experience with the Lexus IS-F.

All in all we think this might be a really good buy for new Jaguar owners Tata, and if they manage to get this level of quality and sophistication in their down-market bread-and-butter vehicle line up, the future of jaguar seems very secure.

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