May 19, 2024

Cor Steenstra introduces Steenstra GCM Styletto during Electric Vehicle Business Breakfast in San Francisco


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During a special Electric Vehicle Dutch Business Breakfast on June 17 at the Royal Dutch Consulate in downtown San Francisco, Cor Steenstra presented Steenstra GCM, the new American company which aims to produce high-end zero emission sports cars. During the presentation Steenstra also unveiled the latest guise of the Styletto, an electrically powered super sports car squarely aimed at the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Since first introduced in September 2009, the Styletto underwent extensive engineering and aerodynamic research, which clearly influenced the design to become more homogeneous, sleek and dynamic. The attendees, a distinct selection of representatives for venture capital companies, investors, lawyers and bankers, were clearly impressed by both the design of the Styletto, as well as by Steenstra’s timely concept for this company.

With the current oil disaster in the Gulf Coast, it is ever more apparent that the United States should no longer be as dependent of fossil fuels as it has been, if it wants to retain a livable environment for future generations, a point emphasized by Steenstra in his personal motivation for starting this capital undertaking.

In the video above you will hear Steenstra’s speech accompanying his Powerpoint presentation.

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3 thoughts on “Cor Steenstra introduces Steenstra GCM Styletto during Electric Vehicle Business Breakfast in San Francisco

  1. Hello;

    I really love what you are doing with the Steenstra vehicles. The concepts are awesome; but I think you are missing the point of environment friendlienes if you are only competing with the very high ends vehicles. The real money is to be able to convert “normal” gas vehicles into an all electric car. Converting the mass into an electric vehicle revolution.
    I really hope to hear from you soon. Please contact me at: I’m trying to “solicit” people to help me convert a normal high end car into all electric vehicle.
    Thank You

  2. It is a sad fact that the components to make an electric vehicle are currently so high in cost price, that there is no way to make a profitable business in applying this technology to small, inexpensive vehicles. What we try to do is to set up a profitable company, establish the brand, and develop the technology, aiming to innovate in such a way that it is possible to ultimately bring the cost price for the technology down.

  3. Let others worry about the politics of producing an electric supercar. I love this design. This may sound corny, but the Styletto design moves me so much it hurts, God, if I could design a car like that…

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