Bad Economy: Online Car Design School reduces prices

With the economic havoc still raging on, many people find themselves at a cross roads in their life. Having lost a job or jobs just evaporating around every one, it becomes a struggle to decide what to do next: Wait till something heads your way or be pro-active and learn a new profession. If you decide for the latter, do you go for just another thing, or do you finally want to chase you passion and find out if you have what it takes to become a car designer.

The FORESEE Online Car Design School course is aimed at helping people all over the world find out if they have what it takes, before they invest years and money in an education that might not be what they dreamed it would be. With the 9 lessons and the personal guidance of professional designers, it gives a lot of info and does some honest evaluating on talent and prospect.

Now Foresee also offers the same course as seperate lessons and as a full course, but without the personal guidance and without the option to have your homework exercises corrected by professional designers. That of course makes the course substantially cheaper, at $9.95 per lesson or $59.95 for the complete course.

Click here to go to the site to find out more.

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