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2016 Mazda Mazda3

Text and photos by Gabriela Galvan It is really interesting to observe car companies and their respective design efforts, and it is relatively easy to read a lot into that as well. Take for instance Mazda and this Mazda3. After Laurens van den Acker left for Renault, Mazda appointed Ikuo Maeda as new Design Chief and under ...

Gleich zwei Weltpremieren in der Kategorie „Dream Cars“ 
feiert Mercedes-Benz auf der Los Angeles Auto Show 2015. Unter der kalifornischen Sonne debütieren der neue Luxury-Large-SUV GLS und die  Roadster-Ikone SL. Ihre laufende Modelloffensive verstärkt die Marke mit dem Stern durch die US-Premieren des S-Klasse Cabriolets und des C-Klasse Coupés, die in L.A. auch als leistungsstarke AMG Versionen im Rampenlicht stehen.  
v.l.n.r:Tobias Moers, Stephen Cannon, Hans-Dieter Kurz, Gorden Wagener
Mercedes-Benz is celebrating no less than two world premieres in the "Dream Cars" category at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. The new GLS luxury large SUV and the iconic SL Roadster are having their debut in the Californian sun. Mercedes-Benz is reinforcing its ongoing model initiative with the US premieres of the S-Class Cabriolet and the C-Class Coupé, which are also in the limelight in L.A. in the guise of high-performance AMG versions.  
v.l.n.r:Tobias Moers, Stephen Cannon, Hans-Dieter Kurz, Gorden Wagener

World premiere Mercedes SL and Mercedes GLA

Source: http://autovideoreview.com https://youtu.be/QhLRqvZAfJI Mercedes celebrates not one but two world premieres in LA with the new Mercedes SL and the Mercedes GLS. In addition, the brand also present the sportier AMG versions of the new lines with the Mercedes AMG GLS 63, the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 and the ...


Acura NSX at the LA Auto Show 2015 in 360 degrees

Photography by Gabriela Lefevre, 360 video by Cor ...


Lincoln MKZ unveiling at the LA Autoshow 2015 in 360 degrees

Photos by Gabriela Lefevre, 360 video by Cor


Ford Mustang Interior in 360 Degree video at LA Autoshow 2015

Fotos by Gabriela Lefevre, 360 video by Cor


Ford Display of the 2017 Ford GT at the LA Autoshow in 360 Degree video

Fotos by Gabriela Lefevre, 360 video by Cor


2015 Kia Sorento SXL T GDi

I have to admit that when I first saw pictures of this new Kia Sorento, I was convinced it was a face lift. Even when one of the designers pointed out my mistake I was not convinced, since it seemed so very close to the previous model... or so I thought... In real life though it is very clearly very different from the ...